French immersion


Full French immersion offers you the most personal experience

There is no better way to learn the French language than a total immersion in the French country and culture.

Our experience has shown that when students are placed in an environment where they continuously communicate and put into practice the French language, they learn exponentially faster than with traditional teaching methods.

Total immersion in a family environment

As soon as you arrive, you become part of the DialoguE family in a completely French environment. 

Immersion in the family Immersion dinner Immersion during the breaks

You spend time with native speakers of French throughout your stay, even during meals, breaks and after dinner. 

You will learn French traditions, customs and culture first-hand while living with your instructors and the family.

A week of immersion at DialoguE means that you will experience the French language every waking hour of the day. 
And, of course, dreaming in French is not forbidden...

DialoguE unique immersion method

Learning a foreign language may be frustrating due to that feeling of not progressing.

For more than 20 years the Dialogue natural approach has proven its efficiency.
In one immersion week at Dialogue you will make substantial progresses in your French listening comprehension and your pronunciation, but, maybe even important, you will learn to enjoy the French language !

Students learn in different ways and never have the same learning objectives.
Therefore all lessons are exclusively one-to-one
Following an initial evaluation of your level and needs, the course will be designed specifically for you to ensure that you will meet your specific objectives.

A DialoguE French immersion is :

- a fully personalized instruction (one-to-one lessons only);
- a non-academic setting (you are not in a school, but in a calm environment conducive to feeling relaxed and well);
- a French course shaped by you and for you (you are not expected to adapt; instead, your trainers adapt to you, your learning style and your interests);
- a course that guarantees that you live in French from morning until bedtime (8:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.);
- a learning experience in a family context, including breaks, meals and evenings, with a limited number of learners.

Language immersion courses that bring results

Our systematic one-to-one approach to teaching combined with the family atmosphere enable our students to make quick and durable progress.

1 week - 1 level progress

2 weeks - 2 levels progress

2 weeks - 2 levels progress

You become part of the family

Bernard, Veronique and Theo Henusse will treat you as a member of their family.
They will be attentive to all aspects of your stay.


You will enjoy Veronique's wholesome food
"And the home-made food... Mon Dieu
!" (Gemma Arterton)

"Bernard is fantastic. My favorite teacher so far."
"He knows how to take your weaknesses and really improve on them."
"I found Bernard's approach to teaching totally refreshing."
"His patience is astounding (!!!) and never wains."
"He obviously enjoys what he does and this really rubbed off on me."
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